Friday, June 26, 2009

THIS FLI LIFE!!!!!!!!!

As some of yall have seen SHow TuFli is one of my favorite artists...This man here is the truth yall better lookout fa him in the future...He is only 19 years old & his lyrics are already there (so are 3/4 of his beats)...This guy has put out a mixtape series called fox 5,,where he has done mixtapes inspired by his favorite 5 artists,,Jay-Z,,Outkast,,Eminem,,Cam'ron,,& his leader Charles Hamilton...Thats wat This Fli Life is...Let me give yall a review on this...

1. Breaking News V
-The fifth breaking news intro

2. This Fli Life
-This track is basically about him wantin ta live in "this fli life" im feelin this track,,cuz who doesnt wanna live in this fli life???

3. Dont Even Wanna Talk
-On this track hes just basically showin off his lyrics (which is wat he do best) cuz he aint really rappin about one subject he just rappin fa the love of the music

4. Sit Down
-The first single off his mixtape,,this would have ta be my favorite song off the album (& my favorite SHow TuFli song period)...It just had that summer feel good feel to it like no lie...In the future when i heard this song all ill think of is summer 09

5. Open The Window
-My other favorite song off the mixtape,,this is the song that inspired us (me damien & tron) ta make some blogspots,,plus the beat is crazy & creative good music,,the type of shit we need in mainstreem

6. A Breather
-A real song comin straight from SHows heart,,wit quotables like "Wats the meanin of life wit no meanin/wats the purpose of writin wit no meanin/just a thought while i breathe in" true story

7. Taking It All Away
-A love song from Mr. TuFli...This would have ta be my 3rd favorite song off the cd...A real love song witout autotune & excessive singin,,just a good old hip-hop love song which we dont hear much of these days

8. Do Something
-SHow spittin fire on this joint & the beat is fresh to it samples charles hamiltons bruce almighty from his intervention mixtape,,charles quote goes like this "But i just wanna change wit u ignored/it could be me if u never heard of my existence/if its to obserd then i am trippin/i guess i murder minds wit this shit/twisted wat this is/not even my sickest i just want u ta witness the shit i live wit" real words from a wise man (charles hamilton)

9. Look Good To Me
-A song ta the females,,using the same sample as charles hamiltons brooklyn girls K.P. & Envyi's "Swing My Way" this song fire (not to mention his lyrics)

10. In A Little Bit
-This song samples Lykke Li's little bit which was also used in charles hamiltons starchasers,,"They like me but they'll love me in a lil bit" straight from SHow TuFli's mouth & this statement is true

-All around,,this is a hell of a good tape,,the best SHow mixtape ever,,it'll be hard ta make somethin better then this...This mixtape was so good that if he wanted ta put this out as a first album he could like no lie soooooooooo download the tape it u wont be sorry

"Here the link ta the zshare we here"-SHow TuFli-Open The Window

Thursday, June 25, 2009



As we all know Michael Jackson passed away this afternoon,,and this has ta be one of the saddest days in the history of history,,the day Michael Joseph Jackson died...Michael Jackson has opened the doors for musicians & singers alike...We all know from songs such as "Thriller" "Billie Jean" & "Beat It"...Michael Jackson was the greatest pop singer of all time,,always have been,,always will be...Can we all just forget about his child molestation trial & just remember him as the musician he was...As they say the good die yung...

-R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson-
August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009


I see this right after i wrote the previous post...(its a myspace bulletin)


are fucking stupid as shit girls need to wake the fuck up and realize what they want in life not some dumb shit that everyone else wants, we all need to stop being fucking retarded and fucking everyone else over the head

-hmm looks like everything i said was true huh??? wow!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


"Your all beautiful women if your insecure"-Juvenile-Rodeo

See now ima start wit this...Women,,u cant live wit em & u cant live witout em,,like really...
I know every man been there where he like "dam my life would be easier if i aint have a women in my life"...But really witout a woman how would we be in this world??? When the man comes home from a hard day at work who would comfort him??? Good question huh...But really theres 3 (technically 4) types of women...Girls,,Females,,Bitches,,& Ladies...Let me break it down fa yall...

Girls-See girls are the ones that u mess wit ya know as just girlfriends & wat not (thats why they called GIRLfriends)...They the ones that try ta care fa u ya know & be nice ta u ya know...

Females-The wifey type...These the ones that are independent who wanna work fa themselves & not wanna live off u they whole lives,,they wanna get up & do somethin wit they life...They the ones who work & still find time fa u in they busy schedule cuz they know u the most important thing in they life...(every man wants a female right?!?!?!)

Bitches-The ones that is...lets just say...on some other stuff...These the ones that get mad over lil things & wat not...They the ones u tried everything ta please em but they just want more when u dont even have nomore ta give cuz u tried everything...These the hypicritical ones that be like "oh i dont want him nomore he dont know how ta treat me right" & all that,,but then the VERY NEXT DAY,,they back wit that duude & just wasted they breath tellin u that & talkin the talk but dam sho & tryna walk the walk...

Ladie-The stage before she gets classified as one of the above...
(Which would make women a combination of all 4*like if they was together in a group or somethin ya fell me*)

-See i know from this blogg post ima get alot of heat from select people...Well just so ya know i dont classify u,,u classify yaselves so dont get mad at me,,Cuz if u do get mad at me fa this post that proves u know where u classified & mad at me for bringin it out...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


2009 CHAMPIONS!!!!

As THE WORLD knows,,i am the BIGGEST (YEAH THE BIGGEST) laker fan in the world...And THE WORLD also knows that Kobe Bean Bryant is the best basketball player of all time (YEAH I SAID IT BETTER THEN JORDAN!!!)...All i got ta say is,,ta yall people who said they was gone lose ta the Jazz,,ta yall people who said they was gone lose to the Rockets,,ta yall people that said we was gone lose ta the Nuggets,,and ta yall people who said we was gone lose ta Magic..FU*K ALL OF YALL!!!!!!!!! We the 2009 nba champs baby!!! Number 15!!! WASSSUPPP!!!!!!
1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1972, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009!!!!!!!
WASSSSSUUUPPPP!!! By the end of his career Kobe Bryant will have more rings then Michael Jordan!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

WAR ANGEL!!!!!!!!!

As yall saw in a previous post 50 Cent is officially my #4 rapper on my favorite rapper charts & his new mixtape "War Angel" would have to be the reason why... Now im not gonna sit here & lie after his last cd (Curtis) i was doubtin 50 just a lil bit (not alot baby girl just a lil bit lol) cuz ta me it seem like he think he can just put watever he wants to out & it'll sell a milli...Well Curtis James Jackson III,,thats not the case...But "War Angel" really made me feel like he takin it back ta his roots & is ready ta get down ta business again & go back ta the old Power Of The Dollar-Get Rich Or Die Tryin 50...Let me lay it down track by track

1. I Line Niggas
-50 sound like he ready fa battle & is ready ta get grimey & greezy wit lines like "Its so eazy,,dam im greezy/goons dont use autotune just yeezy" now really people we all are tired of auto-tune everybody give it up from t-pain all the way down the list,,GIVE IT UP!!!

2. Talkin In Codes
-After track 1 (I Line Niggas) 50 look like he aint slowin down wit the grimey & greezyness quote "Its nutin to it cock bang & get rid of that/hit his fitted cap,,he wont get a chance ta twitter that/I make ruger sing a song bullets hum ta u/u better have god wit u when i come ta u/" this is wat we been missin in hip-hop for about a year & a half now

3. Ok, Your Right
-The single off of his new album Before I Self Destruct (releasing this september) no killin stuff on here just a club banger...vintage 50

4. Redrum (Murder)
-You should already know wat this song is about haha...Had ta be one of my favorite songs off of the mixtape...Once u get past the chorus (could be better) the song is actually good...50 sound like he been tryna step up his lyrics lately

5. C.R.E.A.M. 2009
-50 really changed a classic wu-tang song into somethin really gangsta & thugish...Like he really wasnt playin on this...He even dissin on the styles right now "I cant fit in wit these Niggas man...I mean Niggas got mowhawks & wearin skinny jeans man...I think these Niggas is faggets man,,fareal man,,,I think they wit the rainbow club man...Think this shit is a fad come on man,,I think its more then that man...So if a Nigga wear a dress u gone put on a dress to?!?!? Come on man!!!"

6. I'll Do Anything
-A song for the ladies...50 even stepped up his lyrics on this one...Outta all the songs on the tape this & C.R.E.A.M. 2009 would have ta be my favorite tracks off of the tape

7. London Girl
-This song could of really been better,,it could of really did witout his talkin in the beginnin & his lil accent while he was talkin...but the accent sound good when he rappin...Just sayin could of been better

8. Better Come On Your A Game
-This would have to be the worst song on the tape,,this song could of really been left off the tape (his lyrics is good though)

9. Get The Message
-This song is all about killin this person killin that person...More of the stuff we're missin in hip-hop right now...Its a ok song,,not bad

10. Cocain (Feat. Robin Thicke)
-50 did his thing on this song...Usin a girl as a metaphore for cocain he really got his creative juices flowin on this one...And u really cant go wrong wit Robin Thicke on a track

11. I Gotta Win
-Good way ta end the tape,,good chorus good verses good way ta end the tape on a high not keepin it grimey

-War Angel is all about 50 goin back to his roots & tryin to bring the grimeyness, greezyness, thug/gangstaness back ta hip-hop (& it really needs it right now) So if yall want some real hip-hop & not no soulja boy/pop dance/jerkin garbage here u go

"Heres the link ta the zshare we here"-SHow TuFli-Open The Window

Saturday, June 20, 2009


"Hip-Hop started out in the park"-The Bridge-MC Shan
People always askin me who my favorite rappers are & who i like & who i dont like well this chart will explain all (in future blogg post i will tell yall about my musical perspective *the difference between hip-hop & rap*)

My favorite rappers
1. Nas
2. Eminem
3. Jay-Z
4. 50 Cent
5. SHow TuFli
6. Young Jeezy
7. Charles Hamilton

Top 5 greatest of all time (try ta argue wit this list*in no order*)
-Notorious BIG

Top 5 Producers right now
1. Dr. Dre
2. DJ Premier
3. Swizz Beatz
4. Timbaland
5. Kanye West

Top 5 Garbage
1. Baby Bash
2. Birdman
3. Mike Jones (Swagg through the roof explains it all)
4. Jim Jones
5. Cam'ron (he makes good songs but he just cant rap)

Top 5 Underrated Rappers
1. Fabolous
2. Lloyd Banks
3. Juelz Santana
4. Jadakiss
5. Ludacris
*6* Lupe Fiasco

Top 5 Overrated Rappers
1. Lil Wayne (hella overrated & FAR from the best rapper alive)
2. T.I. (he ok but he is super duper overrated)
3. Soulja Boy
4. Gucci Mane (super duper garbage)
5. Asher Roth

Top Female R&B artists
1. Mariah Carey
2. Mary J Blige
3. Janet Jackson
4. Alicia Keys (as much as i hate on her not go'n front she great)
5. TLC
6. Aaliyah

Top 5 Male R&B artists of all time
1. R. Kelly
2. Usher
3. Ne-Yo (but when his career is over he will be the greatest)
4. Jagged Edge
5. Ginuwine

-Well there u have it,,there will be more on this in future blogg posts

Thursday, June 18, 2009


isn't she cuute haha

Well well folks... this blogg post will be about my favoritest person in the world... Amanda Nicole Chlopitsky!!!
Well first off her full name is Amanda Nicole Chlopitsky (as said on the title of blogg & first paragraph),,She is 16 years old and was born August 22, 1992 by a Caucasian mother & a Russian father...
She attends cotton wood high school & has just finished the 11th grade...
Her favorite color is red (for today*watever that means*) & purple...
Her favorite type of music is r&b... She doesnt have a favorite singer

I've known her for about a year now & just met her for the first time on tuesday...
Shes a pretty coo' laid back person who likes havin fun hahaha...
She told us this reealy reealy reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealllllllllllllyyyyy pointless story on monday & it went like this... & i quote
"Well one time i was rolling & it started raining & i got hot (or cold cant member the temperature haha) & we were in this parking lot & there was some girls over there & i went to go talk to em,,and i was like 'hey' & they were like 'hi' then i said 'isn't it cold out here' then they were like 'yeah it is' then i started talking to them & i didn't even know them it was funny,,.......u had ta have been there"

Now tell me that wasnt the most pointless story u ever heard in ya life hahahahahahaha
Anyway amanda is my favoritest person in the whole world & i throw the word "favorite" out alot (trust me ALOT!!!! hahahaha) & she would have to be my favoritest!!!!!!!!!:)


BEATS BY DRE!!!!!!!!!

Beats by dre (yes thats dr. dre) are the best headphones i've ever heard in my life...
like really,,dead,,no lie... they literally sound like lil (big) speakers over ya ears...
So if anybody has a extra $321.14 layin around i highly recommend u go get some...

PS-Keepin this post short & sweet ill be back later wit another post...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MY FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!

wat it iss my people!!! welcome ta my blogg!!!
yall probly sittin at ya computer chair wonderin... "wat is this for???" well...
its just a blogg about me,,everything u need ta know will be right here on this blogg...
(but if u would like ta find more u can always hit up the anyway...
On this blogg u will learn my perspective on things.. from politics ta music ta sports ta just life in general,,so this my welcome post,,i got more ta come till then... PEASE OUT MAYYYNE!!!!!!

PS-Check out my homies bloggs...