Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MY FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!

wat it iss my people!!! welcome ta my blogg!!!
yall probly sittin at ya computer chair wonderin... "wat is this for???" well...
its just a blogg about me,,everything u need ta know will be right here on this blogg...
(but if u would like ta find more u can always hit up the anyway...
On this blogg u will learn my perspective on things.. from politics ta music ta sports ta just life in general,,so this my welcome post,,i got more ta come till then... PEASE OUT MAYYYNE!!!!!!

PS-Check out my homies bloggs...


  1. ok ok ok ....this is pretty tight.
    now....i gotta do mine! lol

  2. damn my song is on here too!!
    "Hot Thing - Talib Kweli"