Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kush & Orange Juice!!!!!!!!!

Wiz has come along way since i last reviewed his & curren$y's tape... He had another mixtape that same year (Burn After Rollin) & a album (Deal or No Deal) and now we have a highly anticipated mixtape titled Kush & Orange Juice (which was released in April but i decided ta do a review on it now cuz its in heavy rotation) sooooo...

1. Waken Baken
-Just a simple intro ta set the mood

2. Mezmorized
-One of my favorite songs from this tape... "I 'ont love em/I 'ont chase em i duck em'" i love when he say that hahahahah chorus & beat is mad dope... Go hit up the video to!!!

3. We're Done
-Its an ok song... I feel like he was tryin ta recreate "The Thrill'" from Burn After Rollin (which is one of his hardest songs if i may add)... Kind of a mood kill but oh well...

4. Skit 1
-We aint heard from Mr. EasyRider since Flight School... Good ta hear from him again hahahahahaha "That warm a Niggahs heart, real shit cuhh'" hahahahaha

5. The Statement
-He took a Curren$y line from "Life Under The Scope'" & made a chorus out of it... This is my favorite song from the album... That beat is soooo dope... Soo is the chorus...

6. Spotlight Feat. Killa Kyleon
-Dope song from front ta back... Chorus is mad hard, might be Khalifa's hardest chorus he ever did... & that Killa Kyleon duude delivered a good verse to... GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!

7. Skit 2
-More Mr. EasyRider hahahahahha

8. The Kid Frankie
-Whoever produced this is mad tdope!!! Dope song!!! Dope chorus!!! this song is just all around great...

9. Up
-Wiz shows that he can actually sing.. This is the perfect song fa all you stoners out there ta wake & bake to... Another one of my fave's from the tape...

10. Never Been
-First off i like how at the beginning he mumbles "Jets Niggah now where havent we...... Taylor gang.... Rollin up them paper planes'" Second this joint knocks in my car... And you cant help but ta nod ya head ta this one...

11. In The Cut
-This was my favorite song when from this tape when it first came out... Just somethin about it i love... This song will probly never get old ta me!!!!

12. Visions
-This would be the perfect song ta listen to on a plane ride... This would be the perfect mixtape ta listen to on a plane ride!!!!! "Smokin Cigars she was fool/Now she roll hella doobs & anticipate that how fly 2'" SHE AINT THE ONLY ONE!!!!!!!!!

13. Still Blazin
-This might currently be my favorite song off of this tape... Fa some reason i really like it when wiz sings... His melodies are 2dope!!!

14. Slim Skit
-Another skit

15. Pedal To The Medal Feat. Johnny Juliano
-Johnny Juliano be sick on them beats... This beat is mad dope!!! Enough said!!!

16. Good Dank
-Cooo chill song ta keep the chill wake & bake mood... Nuffin to special... Just a mood keeper...

17. Skit 3
-And Even More Mr. EasyRider hahahahahha

18. Glass House Feat. Curren$y & Big Krit
-Curren$y verse is mad dope (like most of his other verses)Wiz verse was... Wiz... Big Krit is garbage... How he get a deal?!?!?!?! Good Nevertheless

19. Outro
-Same beat & purpose as the intro except wiz sings on it this time...

20. Supply Feat. Nesby Phips
-Decent song... Even Tho is his beat I dont think Nesby Phips really fits on this song... Oh well... Ok way ta end a mixtape... I guess....

-Overall this mixtape is maaaaad dope!!!!! Classic mixtape... If this was a album i would buy it... (Wiz tryna be 2010's drake possibly?!?!) sooooo if you like good music download it... If you like songs about weed, women, & cars download it... If you dont you really should still download it...

Download that Kush & Orange Juice Niggah!!!!!!


LAKERS 2010 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!

-Now i know im late but bare with me-

Well my Lakers did it again, and all i have ta say iss...
F*CK ALL LAKER HATERS!!!!!!! The only team that coulda beat em was Oklahoma City. No other team in the NBA even had a chance... Beatin the Jazz is gettin old, Phoenix Suns shouldnt of even been that far... Celtics shouldnt of been that far either... How the hell they let Rondo carry the team?!?!?! Especially when you have Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce!!!!!! (not gonna lie Rajon Rondo is suuuuper good tho!!!) But thats beside the point... The point is we 3peatin next year... Who ever wannna ring come ta LA... We'll take LeBron!!! Longs as he does 3 things... 1. Realizes its still Kobe's team... 2. Realize that he'll be a 3rd option 3. Come off the bench... hahahah SIKE!!!!!!!! LAKERS ALL DAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!