Wednesday, July 7, 2010


LAKERS 2010 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!

-Now i know im late but bare with me-

Well my Lakers did it again, and all i have ta say iss...
F*CK ALL LAKER HATERS!!!!!!! The only team that coulda beat em was Oklahoma City. No other team in the NBA even had a chance... Beatin the Jazz is gettin old, Phoenix Suns shouldnt of even been that far... Celtics shouldnt of been that far either... How the hell they let Rondo carry the team?!?!?! Especially when you have Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce!!!!!! (not gonna lie Rajon Rondo is suuuuper good tho!!!) But thats beside the point... The point is we 3peatin next year... Who ever wannna ring come ta LA... We'll take LeBron!!! Longs as he does 3 things... 1. Realizes its still Kobe's team... 2. Realize that he'll be a 3rd option 3. Come off the bench... hahahah SIKE!!!!!!!! LAKERS ALL DAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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