Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hunger For More!!!!!!!!!

If you know me you would know how much of a G-Unit fan I am. They ran the game for a long ass time, they fell of when Game left &Mobb Deep/M.O.P came in. Out of everybody in G-Unit I always thought Lloyd Banks was the stand out &his album "Hunger For More'" is classic. Track by track?

1. Ain't No Click Feat. Tony Yayo
-A great way to begin the album a rugged/hype track. Lloyd Banks spits hard in this wit lines like, "I'm walkin wit the fiya, so if you say Banks in ya verse then you better be talkin about tyra'" &Tony Yayo delivers the second hardest verse of his career. Great song.

2. Playboy
-The first thing that should catch you is the beat. The beat is super tuff! Second thing that'll catch you is the catchy chorus. Third thing that'll catch you is his verses. Fourth thing is the end of the song (youll know wat I'm talkin bout when you hear it). Great all around song.

3. Warrior
-Every once in a while that one song comes alon gthat makes you feel like your hard and/or a thug. And Warrior will make you feel that way. Good chorus, his flow is hard, punchlines there, complete song.

4. On Fire
-G-Unit is and always will be know for their party songs. And On Fire is basically Lloyd Banks In Da Club. He couldn't have picked a better song as a single for this album. And his verses go hard also.

5. I Get High Feat. 50 Cent &Snoop Dogg
-This is an ok song, everybody knows I don't smoke but I like smoker music. But this song is not that great. The album could have really done without this song.

6. I'm So Fly
-Lloyd Banks shows us everything that he can do, great chorus, wonderful verses &The beat is crazy.

7. Work Magic feat. Young Buck
-This song shows that Lloyd Banks spits &Deserves the title as the PLK (Punch Line King) "I gotta car I only drive on Thursdays, Ima stunner, Banks blows more cake then Birthdays'" After Young Buck spits a great verse Banks goes again "You gotta blast me tho, Cuz the louieville will have ya head lookin like the top of a pistachio'" Tdam......

8. If You So Gangsta
-Banks puttin everybody who think they a gangsta on blast. Title is self explanatory. Some "Gangstas'" I know need ta listen to this song.

9. Warrior PT2 Feat. Eminem, 50 Cent, &Nate Dogg
-Eminem changes the beat. Nate Dogg changes the chorus. They ALL deliver great verses. Complete song.

10. Karma feat. Avant
-One thing I like about Banks is he can do any type of song. This proves it. Karma is a wonderful song. Every man probly been thru this. Great song &Great single choice

11. When THe Chips Are Down feat. The Game
-Game first G-Unit feature I believe. In this song they talk about how cold the world is. (Its songs like this that make me want the Fab5 G-unit back. 50. Banks. Buck. Game. &Yayo.)

12. Till The End
-One word... LOYALTY. Real ass song...

13. Die One Day
-Lloyd Banks basically talks about his life before &After the fame, &Hey, everybody gone die one day...

14. South Side Story
-A brief autobiography on Lloyd Banks life. He talks about all his old homies, gettin shot &Everything that happened to him, great way ta end the album..

-Overall I believe the album is classic. I also believe that Banks is the best artist in G-Unit. Lets just hope HMF2 sounds more like the first HMF &Not like Rotten Apple. Classic album buy it download it do wat you gotta do ta get it. G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-UNIT!!!!!!!!!