Friday, April 30, 2010

Real Friends Pt 2!!!!!!!!!


5. Osiguy Averett
-He can take the title as the downest homie I got... He know wat he be talkin bout... He is just that duude... He may say alotta stupid shit... But when he in serious mode he know wat he be talkin bout...

4. Antuane Walker
-Wat ta say... Basickly my brother... Grew up wit duude... Still friends today after all the bull shit and wat not... Nuffin can tear us apart... My duude/brother forever...

3. Olijahwan Smith
-Basickly the lil brother I never had... Thing is, he been hangin wit me so he think like I do... He just a more ignorant/ruude version of me... Hahaha

2. Kassandra Winters
-Now I aint gonna lie... When we first became "best friends'" I aint really trust her at first... But the more I told her the more she was there... I love my best friend Kassandra Winters... And if there is one person I will always be there for and never forget about as long as I live it WILL be her... Love you Kassie!!!! :)

1. James Smith
-Now James (and Olijahwan) are the closest things I have ta brothers... You can talk ta this duude about anything... I value his opinion he values mine... I know hell always hold it down fa me and ill hold it down fa him... "Hold it down if you... Need ta holla at me don't hesitate ta call it aint no problem ima be there ride fa you lie fa you... I know you'd do the same I would die fa you'" James you Niggah dogg fare'l...

-Them is my special people... I love all 10 of yall...

Real Friends Pt 1!!!!!!!!!

Soooo... I've been goin thru some shit lately... And I found who will always be there... Plain and simple... Let's get it started...

10. Dana Smith
-Basickly my brother... He a lil under appreciated hahahaha ... But you my duude and I know you always got me...

9. Devon Jones
-Everytime I'm down and need a good laugh he can do it... This duude is soooo funny... Even when he aint tryna be hahahaha

8. Patrece Macon
-Yea we lost touch a lil bit... But we there each other when necessary or needed... "Whenever you call me ill be there... Ill be arrrooooouuuuunnnnnnd'" hahaha All seriousness I love you big sis...

7. Damien Phillips
-He is just THAT duude... He calls it how he see it... He tell you the truth weather you wanna hear it or not... And I love bein around is goofy yellow ass hahahaha

6. Brittney Sonnier
-Her opinion matters in everything... Even when she be like "why yo shoes so dirty???'" And shit like that hahaha ... I just value her opinion... And she a down ass homie... Salutes & hearts ta Brittney Nicole... Hahaha

Thursday, April 29, 2010


thats all i have ta say about that hahahaha

*further notice*
-im goin ta start bloggin more... so be on the look out fa my posts...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray!!!!!!!!!

Bobby ray simmons has come a long way since his first mixtape "Cloud 9'" in 2006... Since then he has had 5 other mixtapes. 2 EP's and a number one single... All I gotta say is everything happenin ta this man right now he deserves it... His debut album "The Adventures of Bobby Ray'" is a really good album... Let's break it down... *note... I haven't done this in a while so give me a break hahahaha*

1. Don't Let Me Fall
-"It was just a dream just a moment ago... I was up so high lookin down at the sky... Don't let me fall'" his opening lines to his debut album... This is the song that really made me like this duude... This is just straight up good music... This would have ta be my favorite song off the album...

2. Nothing On You Feat. Bruno Mars
-This is the breakout single that got Mr. Bobby Ray across the map... Recently beating out Rihanna's "Rude Boy'" fa the number one single in America... This is the song that really made me think he had some talent... This is just a great true/perfect love song...

3. Past My Shades Feat. Lupe Fiasco
-This song is about seein the world thru his eyes... But you can't see past his shades so you can't see thru his glasses (OH Oh oh)... And not ta mention lupe (on of the GOATS) delivers a hot ass verse "I see in my eye glasses/But they say wat I'm seein thru is false like ross/I can hear em thru the wall like walk/This way tryna disway my thoughts/Ima slave tell myself don't disobey my boss'" Great song

4. Airplanes Feat. Hayley Williams
-"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars... I could really use a wish right now'" good catchy chorus from Hayley William... True lyrics from bob... This song has blown up fast... Catchin #12 in America already... And wat other rapper do you know can pull of a song wit Hayley Williams???

5. Bet I Feat. T.I. & Playboy Tre
-Dont forget bob is from atlanta... And this song makes you remember it wit a southern style beat and chorus... Plus T.I. & Playboy Tre add even more southern flavor... Dope ass song... Knocks in my car by the way hahaha

6. Ghost in the Machine
-Im diggin this song... Its about how nobody knows wats goin on inside of you but yaself... "So I grab my bags and goooo... As farr away as I can go... Cuz everything aint wat I used ta know... And I try ta hide but I just can hide nomo'... There's nuffin worse then feelin like a ghost'" ... I feel you bob!!!!!

7. The Kids feat. Janelle Monae
-A positive message from Bobby Ray Simmons... Talkin about how the kids get manipulated into things that happens around them... Janelle Monae (who ever the hell that is) give a super hella tight verse... I'm really feelin this song...

8. Magic feat. Weezer
-This is a weird song... I kinda like tho... Not really much ta say about it... Its just a good song... (Sounds like a rock song)...

9. Fame
-This song is about fame and how everybody wants it... This is a real true ass song... dope ass shit...

10. Lovelier Than You
-If you are lookin fa a song ta dedicate ta ya man or woman may I recommend this song... This is like the perfect song... If I had a girl friend and knew how ta play the guitar I'd hella sing this ta my girl hahahaha ... Dope ass song... It really is the PERFECT love song...

11. 5th Dimension feat. Ricco Barrino
-This song is just transportatin ta the 5th Dimension wit Bob... And Ricco Barrino (whoever the hell that iss) delivers a great chorus... This song is mad good... No complaints watsoever about it...

12. Airplanes Pt 2 feat. Hayley Williams & Eminem
-If you heard the first Airplanes then you would know how Hayleys beautiful voice sounds and wat she says on the chorus... B.o.B drops 2 different verses... Then Eminem gets on it and KILLS it!!!!! "Pretend he just stayed outside all day and played wit his friends/Pretend that he even had a friend ta say was his friend/And it wasn't time ta move and school weren't changin again/He wasn't socially awkward and just strange as a kid/He had a father and his mother wasn't crazy as shit'" and more...
"And his alarm went off but he just didn't make it ta the rap olymics/Left to his plane and he missed it/Hes gonna have hard time explainin ta Hailey and Lainey this food stamp and this WIC shit/Cuz he never risk shit/He hoped and he wished it/But it didn't fall in his lap so he aint even here, he prentends that......'" Great way ta end the actual album

13. Higher
-Sounds like the old Bobby from when he used ta rap and shit... I'm diggin this song... Plus its produced by Polow Da Don which makes it all better...

14. Satellite
-Amazin song... You just gotta hear it... I can't really explain it...

15. Yesterday
-Not really feelin this song...

-Sooo bottom line is BOB knows how ta make a good freakin song no matter wat type of song it iss... Cuz if you hear this album you can't really calm him a "rapper'" since he puts every type of genre on this album... I'm just glad ta see bob finally gettin the recognition he deserves... You gotta be doin somethin right ta get Bruno Mars, Hayley Williams, Janelle Monae, Weezer, Ricco Barrino, Lupe Fiasco and Eminem on ya DEBUT album... Sooo support Bobby Ray and grab the album... He got the first classic album of the year 2010 just like I predicted... So support real hip hop and grab it please!!!!!!