Friday, November 27, 2009

Attention: Deficit!!!!!!!!!

Wale has been on his grind for 4 years... Dropped numerous mixtapes caught the eye of Interscopes chief Jimmy Iovine... Got signed and is now releasing his debut album "Attention: Deficit''' which is extremely good if I don't say so myself... Track by track maybe???

1. Triumph
-"I'm not tryna be politically correct/But,,I won't rest till I'm givin my respect''' The first line on the album... This song he just do'n wat wale does best... Flowin ta the fullest,,wit hot lyrics... "Tommy Frazier on the motha fuckin 1's and 2's/or michael vick if you bark Nigga yall through''' good way ta start the album

2. Mama Told Me
-Wale talks about why he raps,,and how his style is excepted and how his style is also not excepted and he let's you know wat he is in the game for "And I aint in it fa them 0's or them commas/But more less the hope fa dope Niggas ta prosper'''

3. Mirrors Feat. Bun B
-These two do'n wat they do best straight spittin that real shit "Mirror mirror on the wall/who the realest of em all/They aint hard swear ta god/These Niggas aint real at all''' They both kill this joint lyrically

4. Pretty Girls Feat. Gucci Mane
-If you ask me Gucci Mane does not belong in this song (probly labels orders) but still hell of a good song fa the fellas ta ride to and the pretty girls ta clap to... Shouts ta all my pretty girls

5. World Tour Feat. Jazmine Sullivan
-Wale talks about how him and his brother never made it outta school... Tryna hustle ta get money... Comin home ta ya angry wife at night cuz she don't ever see you... And still tryna fulfill ya dream of bein a rapper by yaself cuz nobody else wanna help you... DOPE ASS SONG

6. Let It Loose (Inhibitions) Feat. Pharrell
-As wale said on twitter "somethin fa the pretty girls ta listen to before they go ta the club''' I'm feelin this song... The Neptunes beats are startin ta get a hell of a lot better... They actually becomin relevant again

7. 90210
-Wale talks about bulimia... And how women will live wit bulimia as long as they become stars and have they own reality shows "But reality shows aint real''' He said he was go'n at Paris Hilton so hard that the producer Mark Ranson actually made him change some of his lyrics up... I feel this joint though

8. Shades Feat. Chrisette Michelle
-Has to be my favorite song on the album... Wale talks about him bein insecure of how dark he is so he did thing ta hurt the light skinned people... "See I never let a light broad hurt me/Thats why I strike first and the first cuts deep''' And in the third verse he says "Wat if barack skin was black truthfully/Would he be a candidate or just black in community/We as black duudes tend ta lack unity/And them blacker girls aint on the tube usually''' Chrisette Michelle lays a soulful hook on this "To a light skinned girl ta a dark skinned brother/Shade doesn't matter heart makes the lover'''

9. Chillin Feat. Lady Gaga
-The first single from this album... Wale just be spittin and do'n wat he does "Police come around don't say nuffin/And you be wit the cops you Niggas is McLovin''' This was the joint durin the summer hahaha

10. TV In The Radio Feat. K'Naan
-Wale and K'Naan just showin that they can spit... "The things that they be yappin/is utterly bologna so I'm muslim ta these rappers''' "Ballin Folarin so got dam hard/Fat lines evertime bitch Rosann bars'''-Wale... "You know if you was harder then me then you'd be led/and if you had more street cred then you'd be dead''' K'Naan

11. Contemplate
-Wale talks about a girl who is at the club ignorin his calls and probly out wit some other duude since its 4 in the mornin... This song is mad hard... It samples Question Existing by rihanna in the chorus... Hot song...

12. Diary Feat. Marsha Ambrosius
-Wale talks about a black girl who he has trying to get at...but she been through so much that she cant be in a relationship cuz of all the men that hurt her in life

13. Beautiful Bliss Feat. Melanie Fiona & J. Cole
-This song has 3 roc nation members on it,,its like a roc nation united on this track...Melanie Fiona's chorus is really wat makes the song,,her chorus is mad hard her voice fits the beat super properly...Of course Wale kills it his second verse (the 3rd verse) is the better of his 2..."They like A list actors they not no stunners''' & "Peep me how im raising up the capital for Nathan/Capital im raising like im through punctuating/Or shift keys or it I placement cause
Shift the keys get your capital raised up''' (that was mad hard)...And wat do u expect from J. Cole besides pure fire..."catch me on your doorstep you see me let me in/all I wanna do is eat im like the freaky lesbian/now all I wanna do ball on tv knee E S P N/they heard im bout to blow so all my enemies say lets be friends''' & "go let me in im definiately in a class of my own
and dinner with hov/hoping that he pass the baton he just pass the patron''' & "I yearn For that living large but mama I aint done yet/Sit back and watch your son rise Kick back until yo son set/Forever I aint run yet and I never will/Nas told me lifes a bitch Pac said fuck the world and I aint cum yet''' yall get the second favorite song right here...

14. Prescription
-Wale talkin bout hip-hop needin a prescription in order for it ta be fixed...Really good way to close the album...

-So after mixtapes like "The Mixtape About Nothin''' & "Back To The Feature''' Wale had hella buzz ta drop a album,,a classic one at that...And thats exactly wat he did...Drop a classic album..."Im just expectin a spectators respect'''...Well wale u might actually get that wit this album...It may be the album of the year...So Cop Attention:Deficit...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Happy birthday to Charles Hamilton...He was born in 1987 out in Cleavland and his birthday was November 10th...We await your return...But...