Friday, April 30, 2010

Real Friends Pt 2!!!!!!!!!


5. Osiguy Averett
-He can take the title as the downest homie I got... He know wat he be talkin bout... He is just that duude... He may say alotta stupid shit... But when he in serious mode he know wat he be talkin bout...

4. Antuane Walker
-Wat ta say... Basickly my brother... Grew up wit duude... Still friends today after all the bull shit and wat not... Nuffin can tear us apart... My duude/brother forever...

3. Olijahwan Smith
-Basickly the lil brother I never had... Thing is, he been hangin wit me so he think like I do... He just a more ignorant/ruude version of me... Hahaha

2. Kassandra Winters
-Now I aint gonna lie... When we first became "best friends'" I aint really trust her at first... But the more I told her the more she was there... I love my best friend Kassandra Winters... And if there is one person I will always be there for and never forget about as long as I live it WILL be her... Love you Kassie!!!! :)

1. James Smith
-Now James (and Olijahwan) are the closest things I have ta brothers... You can talk ta this duude about anything... I value his opinion he values mine... I know hell always hold it down fa me and ill hold it down fa him... "Hold it down if you... Need ta holla at me don't hesitate ta call it aint no problem ima be there ride fa you lie fa you... I know you'd do the same I would die fa you'" James you Niggah dogg fare'l...

-Them is my special people... I love all 10 of yall...

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