Thursday, June 18, 2009


isn't she cuute haha

Well well folks... this blogg post will be about my favoritest person in the world... Amanda Nicole Chlopitsky!!!
Well first off her full name is Amanda Nicole Chlopitsky (as said on the title of blogg & first paragraph),,She is 16 years old and was born August 22, 1992 by a Caucasian mother & a Russian father...
She attends cotton wood high school & has just finished the 11th grade...
Her favorite color is red (for today*watever that means*) & purple...
Her favorite type of music is r&b... She doesnt have a favorite singer

I've known her for about a year now & just met her for the first time on tuesday...
Shes a pretty coo' laid back person who likes havin fun hahaha...
She told us this reealy reealy reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealllllllllllllyyyyy pointless story on monday & it went like this... & i quote
"Well one time i was rolling & it started raining & i got hot (or cold cant member the temperature haha) & we were in this parking lot & there was some girls over there & i went to go talk to em,,and i was like 'hey' & they were like 'hi' then i said 'isn't it cold out here' then they were like 'yeah it is' then i started talking to them & i didn't even know them it was funny,,.......u had ta have been there"

Now tell me that wasnt the most pointless story u ever heard in ya life hahahahahahaha
Anyway amanda is my favoritest person in the whole world & i throw the word "favorite" out alot (trust me ALOT!!!! hahahaha) & she would have to be my favoritest!!!!!!!!!:)


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