Friday, June 26, 2009

THIS FLI LIFE!!!!!!!!!

As some of yall have seen SHow TuFli is one of my favorite artists...This man here is the truth yall better lookout fa him in the future...He is only 19 years old & his lyrics are already there (so are 3/4 of his beats)...This guy has put out a mixtape series called fox 5,,where he has done mixtapes inspired by his favorite 5 artists,,Jay-Z,,Outkast,,Eminem,,Cam'ron,,& his leader Charles Hamilton...Thats wat This Fli Life is...Let me give yall a review on this...

1. Breaking News V
-The fifth breaking news intro

2. This Fli Life
-This track is basically about him wantin ta live in "this fli life" im feelin this track,,cuz who doesnt wanna live in this fli life???

3. Dont Even Wanna Talk
-On this track hes just basically showin off his lyrics (which is wat he do best) cuz he aint really rappin about one subject he just rappin fa the love of the music

4. Sit Down
-The first single off his mixtape,,this would have ta be my favorite song off the album (& my favorite SHow TuFli song period)...It just had that summer feel good feel to it like no lie...In the future when i heard this song all ill think of is summer 09

5. Open The Window
-My other favorite song off the mixtape,,this is the song that inspired us (me damien & tron) ta make some blogspots,,plus the beat is crazy & creative good music,,the type of shit we need in mainstreem

6. A Breather
-A real song comin straight from SHows heart,,wit quotables like "Wats the meanin of life wit no meanin/wats the purpose of writin wit no meanin/just a thought while i breathe in" true story

7. Taking It All Away
-A love song from Mr. TuFli...This would have ta be my 3rd favorite song off the cd...A real love song witout autotune & excessive singin,,just a good old hip-hop love song which we dont hear much of these days

8. Do Something
-SHow spittin fire on this joint & the beat is fresh to it samples charles hamiltons bruce almighty from his intervention mixtape,,charles quote goes like this "But i just wanna change wit u ignored/it could be me if u never heard of my existence/if its to obserd then i am trippin/i guess i murder minds wit this shit/twisted wat this is/not even my sickest i just want u ta witness the shit i live wit" real words from a wise man (charles hamilton)

9. Look Good To Me
-A song ta the females,,using the same sample as charles hamiltons brooklyn girls K.P. & Envyi's "Swing My Way" this song fire (not to mention his lyrics)

10. In A Little Bit
-This song samples Lykke Li's little bit which was also used in charles hamiltons starchasers,,"They like me but they'll love me in a lil bit" straight from SHow TuFli's mouth & this statement is true

-All around,,this is a hell of a good tape,,the best SHow mixtape ever,,it'll be hard ta make somethin better then this...This mixtape was so good that if he wanted ta put this out as a first album he could like no lie soooooooooo download the tape it u wont be sorry

"Here the link ta the zshare we here"-SHow TuFli-Open The Window

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