Sunday, June 21, 2009

WAR ANGEL!!!!!!!!!

As yall saw in a previous post 50 Cent is officially my #4 rapper on my favorite rapper charts & his new mixtape "War Angel" would have to be the reason why... Now im not gonna sit here & lie after his last cd (Curtis) i was doubtin 50 just a lil bit (not alot baby girl just a lil bit lol) cuz ta me it seem like he think he can just put watever he wants to out & it'll sell a milli...Well Curtis James Jackson III,,thats not the case...But "War Angel" really made me feel like he takin it back ta his roots & is ready ta get down ta business again & go back ta the old Power Of The Dollar-Get Rich Or Die Tryin 50...Let me lay it down track by track

1. I Line Niggas
-50 sound like he ready fa battle & is ready ta get grimey & greezy wit lines like "Its so eazy,,dam im greezy/goons dont use autotune just yeezy" now really people we all are tired of auto-tune everybody give it up from t-pain all the way down the list,,GIVE IT UP!!!

2. Talkin In Codes
-After track 1 (I Line Niggas) 50 look like he aint slowin down wit the grimey & greezyness quote "Its nutin to it cock bang & get rid of that/hit his fitted cap,,he wont get a chance ta twitter that/I make ruger sing a song bullets hum ta u/u better have god wit u when i come ta u/" this is wat we been missin in hip-hop for about a year & a half now

3. Ok, Your Right
-The single off of his new album Before I Self Destruct (releasing this september) no killin stuff on here just a club banger...vintage 50

4. Redrum (Murder)
-You should already know wat this song is about haha...Had ta be one of my favorite songs off of the mixtape...Once u get past the chorus (could be better) the song is actually good...50 sound like he been tryna step up his lyrics lately

5. C.R.E.A.M. 2009
-50 really changed a classic wu-tang song into somethin really gangsta & thugish...Like he really wasnt playin on this...He even dissin on the styles right now "I cant fit in wit these Niggas man...I mean Niggas got mowhawks & wearin skinny jeans man...I think these Niggas is faggets man,,fareal man,,,I think they wit the rainbow club man...Think this shit is a fad come on man,,I think its more then that man...So if a Nigga wear a dress u gone put on a dress to?!?!? Come on man!!!"

6. I'll Do Anything
-A song for the ladies...50 even stepped up his lyrics on this one...Outta all the songs on the tape this & C.R.E.A.M. 2009 would have ta be my favorite tracks off of the tape

7. London Girl
-This song could of really been better,,it could of really did witout his talkin in the beginnin & his lil accent while he was talkin...but the accent sound good when he rappin...Just sayin could of been better

8. Better Come On Your A Game
-This would have to be the worst song on the tape,,this song could of really been left off the tape (his lyrics is good though)

9. Get The Message
-This song is all about killin this person killin that person...More of the stuff we're missin in hip-hop right now...Its a ok song,,not bad

10. Cocain (Feat. Robin Thicke)
-50 did his thing on this song...Usin a girl as a metaphore for cocain he really got his creative juices flowin on this one...And u really cant go wrong wit Robin Thicke on a track

11. I Gotta Win
-Good way ta end the tape,,good chorus good verses good way ta end the tape on a high not keepin it grimey

-War Angel is all about 50 goin back to his roots & tryin to bring the grimeyness, greezyness, thug/gangstaness back ta hip-hop (& it really needs it right now) So if yall want some real hip-hop & not no soulja boy/pop dance/jerkin garbage here u go

"Heres the link ta the zshare we here"-SHow TuFli-Open The Window

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