Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mixtapes of 2010!!!!!!!!! (Honorable Mentions)

Honorable Mentions!!!!!!

This was a fairly good album. The leaks had me anticipatin it ta be the best out this year, but that's not what I got. Nonetheless still a great mixtape!!!
Best Songs: Brand New/Make Up Sex
WorstSongs: Racing

Great mixtape. CyHi Da Prynce on his grind!!! Seem like yesterday where somebody handed me his mixtape in the mall out here. Now I'm a big fan. P.S. He had the best verse on "So Appalled'"
Best Songs: Here Me Out/Can't Wait/Like A Swinger
WorstSongs: None

It was an OK mixtape at best. Wasn't real great. This mixtape is overrated, J.Cole is becoming overrated, repetitive, &Also he is slowly but surely becomin boring. This mixtape was ok at best. Just Sayin...
Best Songs: Higher/Premeditated Murder/See World
WorstSongs: Best Friend/Cost Me A Lot

This mixtape made me become a fan of bob, to bad I became disinterested after his album. Anyway this mixtape is great! I wish B.o.B was still on his shit like he was on here.
Best Songs: The Rain/Cool Side/Fool For Love
WorstSongs: None

This was a great mixtape. Didn't know anything about Add-2, first heard him on LoveLife, loved his verse so I gave him a chance &I feel duude. Be on the look out fa him in the years comin because he will make a change in hip hop
Best Songs: Dream Catcher/Cassette Tapes/Black Out
WorstSongs: None

Top 10 comin tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

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