Friday, December 31, 2010

Mixtapes of 2010!!!!!!!!! (Top 10)

Top 10!!!!!!!

I slept on Kendrick Lamar, wish I wouldn't have, because I was WOWed by this mixtape!!! If this was an album I woulda bought that shit. Kendrick is the future!!!
Best Songs: Opposites Attract/Michael Jordan
WorstSongs: None

This mixtape made anticipated for TM103 even more! This the raw Jeezy I grown ta love! *impatiently waits TM103* P.S. Trap or Die 2 >>>>>>>>>> Last Laugh
Best Songs: Trap Or Die Reloaded/Hood Politics/Bonus Track
WorstSongs: None

Show still bringin fire! Gotta love show! This came straight from Sade samples. Love this mixtape. No complaints. Show on the come up real fast!!!
Best Songs: Big Bad Wolf/Beauty Queen
WorstSongs: None

XV had a big year. Gettin sign to a major label, tourin across the globe &Releasing Vizzy Zone, his follow up to Everybody's Nobody. Not as good as Everybody's Nobody but still a great project. Stay on ya grind Vizzy!!!
Best Songs: Reset Button/Nevermind/Passport/Familiar
WorstSongs: Isn't It Awesome

Not gonna lie, I hated a city wit no seasons. Gave Shawn Chrys a second chance &Now he is one of my favorite artists. He makes real straight from the heart music &Thats what we need in hip hop nowadays. Great project loved it!!!
Best Songs: Doogie Howser/Put Your Glasses Up/The Reason
WorstSongs: None

Not gonna lie, I didn't Shawn Chrystopher was gonna be able to top "The Audition'" but he did it. And he did it by doin what he do best, Just bringin the real. Good job Shawn!!!!!
Best Songs: Be Famous/Five Letter Word/Catch Me If You Can/Plan B
WorstSongs: Bang

Wale's follow up to his greatest project, Mixtape About Nothing. When you first listen to this your probly not WOWed, but it's most likely over your head because this project is amazin!!!!
Best Songs: The Breeze/The Eyes Of The Tiger/The Break Up Song
WorstSongs: The Posse Cut

I'm a big Joe Budden fan. And it really bothers me that some people won't listen to him because he is a one hit wonder when is great then 3/4ths of the rappers out today. He is real, maybe that's why people don't like him??? *shrugs*
Best Songs: Pray For Me/Role Reversal/Sober Up/Black Cloud
WorstSongs: None

Pac Div are amazin artists. If you are a normal person you can relate to their songs. They are great artists. Now I want more Pac Div!!!! *impatiently waits for Grown Kids Syndrome* mixtape is absolutely flawless!!!
Best Songs: Broccoli/Rollin/Here We Go/Shine/Don't Mention It
WorstSongs: None

Now I wasn't gonna put this at number 1, then I would be lyin!!! hahaha Wiz been on his grind for the longest! &Its beautiful ta watch him go from that underground cat ta the annoyin guy on the radio! That's a COME UP!!! Congrats Wiz!!!! Nobody better this year!!!!
Best Songs: Mezmorized/The Statement/Never Been/In The Cut
WorstSongs: None

Well that wraps up 2010, this was great year for hip hop!!! Hopefully 2011 will be that much better!!!
Everybody stay safe &Have a happy new year!!!

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