Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mixtapes of 2010!!!!!!!!! (Disappointments)

Albums is done, here goes the mixtapes, startin wit the disappointments..

Didn't even listen to it. But Tyga's trash so I know the mixtape is trash. Tyga is probly the worst rapper out right now, Non lyrical ass!!!!!
Best Songs: ????
WorstSongs: probly everything

I'm a big Jadakiss fan but I didn't really like this mixtape. After half way thru it got really boring. Still love Jadakiss tho!!
Best Songs: Soldier Survivors/She Likes Me
WorstSongs: All Falls Down

Everybody feels Big Sean, I do not see why. This year he killed a bunch of feature. But to me, he still has yet to prove himself as a solo artist. Vol 1, 2, &3 is kinda weak. Guess Big Sean will get his last chance IF his album ever comes out
Best Songs: Bullshittin/High Rise/Too Fake
WorstSongs: Fat Raps Remix/Made/

Jeezy tried ta make up for TM103 never bein released. But that just didn't slide my way. Bring me TM103. You did not get "The Last Laugh'" because this mixtape was mad trash. Step it up jizzle!
Best Songs: Rap Game/All White
WorstSongs: Jizzle

This was a big disappointment. After Off The Wall I expect Esso to keep bingin heat. But he brought straight trash. This was the worst mixtape of the year. I'm disappointed in Esso. Now I'm wonderin did he just have a bad project, or was Off The Wall a fluke &Only hot because of Woody's beats?
Best Songs: New York/Future So Bright
WorstSongs: I'm The Shit/Heads Will Roll

That was disappointments. Honorable mentions coming very soon! (Later today)

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