Monday, December 27, 2010

Albums Of 2010!!!!!!!!! (Top 10!!!!!!!!!)

Top 10 Albums of 2010!!!! Lets go!!!

The album we all been anticipatin for. Kanye's return to "Rap'" not what I expect good album in it's own right. Overrated by most critics but it's a good album. (But I still prefer the old Kanye)
Best Songs: Dark Fantasy/Lost In The World
WorstSongs: All Of The Lights

Legendary producer Ski Beatz comes with a GREAT album! True on the corner hip hop!!! gotta love this album!!!
Best Songs: Do It Big/Scaling The Building
WorstSongs: Super Bad

When you first listen ta this album you compare it to the first. But once you stop comparing it ta the first you realize it's classic in it's own right!!! Cudi doesn't disappoint again!!!
Best Songs: Mojo So Dope
WorstSongs: None

This is exactly what MUSIC should sound like. Fuck a Genre this is just straight good music. The chemistry thru this album is crazy!!! CLASSIC!!!!!!!
Best Songs: Friends/My Generation/Africa Must Wake Up
WorstSongs: None

What might have been the most anticipated album of the year 2010 it was a great album! Drake didn't disappoint with this one, now the question is can he keep it up?!?! (The question still remains: Thank Me Later or So Far Gone?!?!)
Best Songs: Show Me A Good Time/Unforgettable
WorstSongs: Thank Me Now

Curren$y the hot spitta releasing his first album this year was a great album. Flawless. From start ta finish just plain flawless!!!!
Best Songs: Breakfast/Address/Life Under The Scope
WorstSongs: None

My favorite album released this year. After the disappointing Rotten Apple, Banks had to redeem himself. &What better way to do it then to start over. HFM2 is a great album. From start to finish, I have absolutely no complaints on the album.
Best Songs: Home Sweet Home/Beamer Benz or Bentley/Father Time/I Don't Deserve You
WorstSongs: None

This is exactly what we needed. A album that is relatable to us normal people. &That's what the roots do best, Relate to the Norm. Everybody loves the Roots. Wonderful album.
Best Songs: Now Or Never/How I Got Over/The Day
WorstSongs: Web 20/20

Rick Ross is really developing as an artist. Teflon Don is his best album to date. His only classic &The only album of his I ever purchase. What more needs to be said about this album?!?!?!
Best Songs: Free Mason/Tears Of Joy/BMF
WorstSongs: None

Eminem's [real] comeback album! This is what we've been waiting for! Eminem you did again! You have another classic album under your belt!!! Congrats!!!
Best Songs: The whole album
WorstSongs: So Bad

That was 2010 albums!!! Mixtapes coming very soon!!!!

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