Friday, December 24, 2010

Albums Of 2010!!!!!!!!! (Honoralbe Mentions)

Honorable Mentions!!!! Let's Do It!!!!

At first I thought this was a classic album, Then I thought it was terrible. Now I came ta the conclusion that it is just ok. It's an ok album.
Best Songs: Don't Let Me Fall/Lovelier Then You
WorstSongs: Fame

I applaud Soulja Boy for gettin out of that stupid dance phase &Trying to progress in music. The album wasn't really that bad. I was actually kind of good. Believe it for Not
Best Songs: Mean Mug/Hey Cutie
WorstSongs: 30 Thousand Hundred Million/Pretty Boy Swag

Well Ghostface made up for his part of the Wu Massacre. Apollo Kids is what Wu-Massacre should of been (Just add more Raekwon &Method Man). He had alot of spitters on this joint. This album really gave off a 90's feel.
Best Songs: 2getha Baby/In Tha Park
WorstSongs: None

Got 5 mics from the source. I think it was a great album. No complaints really. It was a really decent album.
Best Songs: Put It Down
WorstSongs: None

Curren$y dropped two albums in one year. Unfortunately this one wasn't as great as the first one. But it was still very very good in it's own right!! And it's still Jets Set over everythang!!! Nigguh!!!
Best Songs: Airborne Aquarium/Michael Knight
WorstSongs: None

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