Friday, December 24, 2010

Albums Of 2010!!!!!!!!! (Disappointments)

Did this last year!!! Yall know how it work!!! Lets do it again!!!


Used ta be a plies fan. Now I hate duude, this album was straight trash!!! Big disappointment in my book
Best Songs: Becky/She Got It Made
WorstSongs: Flaw/Bruh Bruh

Questions: Why is this a party album??? Why did he compare this ta All Eyes On Me??? Why did he have to be so stupid??? &Most importantly; Why did Pharrel make a chorus sayin I'll make ya face fall off??? WTF?!?! Unacceptable!!!
Best Songs: Get Back Up/Big Picture
WorstSongs: Amazin'

I was so ready fa this album!!! It was the 3 greatest from the wu-tang comin together &Doin a project. I wasn't wit it. I was highly disappointed actually.
Best Songs: It's That Wu Shit
WorstSongs: Miranda

I just wasn't wit this album. I ain't expect a party album after Theater Of the Mind. Hopefully the next one is different. Luda we still love you! Even after a subpar album!
Best Songs: Everybody Drunk
WorstSongs: I Know You Got A Man

From start ta finish this shit is horrible. It sound like Elvis &B.o.B fused &Had a baby wit Aretha Franklin. This is where I ask, "Diddy are you done yet'" BTW, Biggie would of been disappointed in this album.
Best Songs: Loving You No More/Coming Home/Hello Goodmorning
WorstSongs: The rest of the album

*Also Disappointing*
Crunk Rock-Lil Jon
Flockaveli-Wacka Flocka Flame

Honorable Mentions Coming Soon!!!!

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