Thursday, January 7, 2010


"Wats love when you don't give ya man enough dough he wanna stick you??? Wats love you got beef nobody rollin wit you??? Wats love you locked up and ya family don't care??? Is love a four letter word that deceives the air???'''-Nasir Jones...

Now...Tell me how many times have you heard somebody say this after a bad relationship "Oh I loved him/her I dunno how ill ever get over him/her''' Suck it up... As my boy Antuane Walker once said "No man should ever cry over a female''' but that also goes for a female, yall have no business cryin over no motha fuckin duude!!! Dig??? Now I can see if you was married and yall got a divorce that's reasonable for you ta be sad... But while you in JR High-High School you should not be cryin over the opposite gender, because I am pretty sure that will not be ya last mate, ya life has just barely begun there will be many more to come... So the moral of the story is... Do not cry over the opposite gender, there are 1 gazillion people in this world, I boyfriend or girlfriend at this point of ya life probly won't make a difference... Dead ass though

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