Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Charles Hamilton...The man who is #6 on my favorite rapper chart...The man who i used to think was the biggest & the best thing in music history...The man who drops mixtapes better then half of rappers albums...The man who was supposed to be the future of hip-hop...The man who is missing from the outside world...Since the full "This Perfect Life" is finally out i've been listenin ta all the Charles Hamilton songs i got...& outta all 126 (that i kept) i made a top 20 out of it...

*Note- Really wanted ta put "Cosmic Hopscotch,,Tinkerbelle,,& Rachel's Place on here...But i couldnt find room for em...(sadly) :(...*
Anyway lets get into the countdown...

20. Body Telepathy
-One of 2 songs i kept/liked off of "The L Word"...& wat a good way ta start the countdown off...

19. Tears Of Fire Feat. Crooked I
-He samples an opera song & make this an emotional hit...& of course Crooked I brings the heat on his verse...(third verse should of been added wit both of them...)

18. Ill Be Around (Outro)
-"Dont listen ta women that say men are garbage/cuz ima man heres my promise...''' One of the hardest lines i ever heard... Love this song cuz he pours his heart out on a beat...

17. Twilight
-Beat& chorus is so hard...Charles love song game is sick...Remind me of when this first came out...*sigh* good times...

16. I Really F*ckin Do Tho
-The beat is weird but i like it...His best chorus (in my opinon) dont like the verses...Thats why this is only #16...(chorus stops it from bein 20 or even not on here...)

15. Wishbones, Horseshoes, and Basketball
-Everytime i heard this song i think..."Why in the hell didnt i think about samplin that song?!?''' Samples "No Letting Go''' By Wayne Wonder... Beat is so hard that i never really payed attention ta anything else hahaha

14. Cali Oriental
-Came ta the conclusion just today that this is one of his hardest beats...And that bridge is the hardest thing i heard in a minute...

13. NotGuilty
-Love this chorus hahahaha...Beat is sick...Verses aint bad either... This is a complete song...

12. Parent-Teacher Night
-I relate to the chorus thats why its so high...That all...

11. Music (Intro)
-Can relate ta this whole song...Thats why its so hard to...& so high on my chart...

*gettin into the real shit now...*

10. November 10th
-Beat is so hard...Chorus is hard...Verses is its a fun song...mahn this shit is sick...

9. Barbara Walters
-Puts his heart out & speaks about his life thats why i like this song...Chorus super hard...

8. Long Socks (Feat. SHow TuFli)
-Complete songs...Charles verses are garbo though...SHow rips charles & makes him a nobody on this song (but hey its SHow wat do u expect???)

7. Brooklyn Girls
-Catchy hook & i respect the sample...

6. Every Now And Then
-Love this song from start ta finish

5. Starchasers
-This song starts u think "wat the hell???''' song end u think "got dam that shit was hard''' hahaha

4. The Penthouse Elevator
-The way he flipped this sample is craaaazy!!!!!!!!!! Chorus super hard verses super hard...just hard period...

3. NewGirlfriendMusic
-Super hard love speechless bout how hard this song is...

2. Neverland
-I have to say one thing..."GIVE ME THAT BEAT WIT CHARLES CHORUS ON IT!!!!! I WOULD MURDER IT!!!!!!!''' complete song...This is actually the type of love song i always wanted ta make hahaha...This shit go so hard...Like u dont even know...(or maybe u do???)

1. Loser
-His hardest song!!! So inspirational!!!! This is one of the hardest songs in history!!!!! Come on man wit one of the hardest choruses ever..."I once was a loser/Now im older still the same loser/Thats why i look so different to ya/You see the past i see the future'''...

There go my top 20...Charles come back...We need some heat fa ya ass..."This Perfect Life'' was hard...but not as hard as i expected...I want "Its Charles Hamilton" & "Well Isn't This Awkward'' type stuff so uhhh charles where u at bruh???


  1. nice list
    i would have included:
    Writing in the sky
    Sun Music
    Sunday Morning Testimonial

  2. thats a pretty good list. What happened to Wave for Alex or In Case I Actually Get Her?

  3. Nice list. I'd definitely add She's So High.

  4. musicsucide is the hardest song!!
    lemme know, fans are cool women hate women smh you missed alot of my favorite i respect your list thoa

  5. Conversations With God should be in the top 5!

  6. -Conversation with God
    -Come back to you
    <3 <3

  7. Nah most of those tracks wouldnt even make my top 20. Do what you love, musicsuicide, wonder, wrong side of the bed, butcherman, brass knuckles, press c, latte, air conditioner,based on feeling,writing in the sky, loserville,rosado,theories of wine, n word, there are plenty of better songs!! but hey this is YOUR list and I guess i respect that