Saturday, July 25, 2009

LOSO'S WAY!!!!!!!!!

-This is the delux edition cover-

Fabolous has been here since the year 2001 & has stayed consistent till this day...He did wat not many can do CAME IN THE GAME BY HISELF,,no Dr. Dre,,no Eminem,,no Jermain Dupri,,no Birdman,,no Jay-Z,,& no P. Diddy just by himself...So this time around Fab did a album based on the movie Carlitos Way...Let me break it down fa yall...

1. The Way
-Starts off with fabolous on the red carpet gettin questions asked & he get serious wit this one "I guess it aint no friends in this shit business/Just a bunch of assholes in a shit business/But they wont flush down the toilet bowl witout my tissue/These bitches talk shit out the same mouth that kiss/These Niggas kiss ass wit the same mouth that diss you/''' True shit (get it lol) i couldnt of said it better myself (i really couldnt of)

2. My Time Feat. Jeremih
-The second single off of this album...Featuring the man thats responsible for the hit birthday sex,,Jeremih...Overall its a good song good chorus good verses from fab good beat from the runners...But if it was my song i wouldnt of chose Jeremih on the chorus i just dont like his voice

3. Imma Do It Feat. Kobe
-& thats not Kobe Bryant hahaha...Fabolous is serious on this joint spittin rhymes like "I aint go'n lie ta ya/If looks could kill then my style might body ya/thats why im wit nadia i call my gun nadia/cuz once she say hi ta ya it by-by-bye ta ya''' Fab serious on this whole album theres millions of quotables on here

4. Feel Like Im Back
-Not really feelin this one...It kinda sounds similar The Way...Well this is one of two bad tracks on this album...Well it aint bad but it dam sho aint good...

5. Everything, Everyday, Everywhere Feat. Ryan Leslie & Keri Hilson
-The third single off his album & my favorite song...Its a catchy club banger the beat is nice verses nice & the beat is sick...And just Keri Hilsons name on the track makes me wanna listen to it hahahaha

6. Throw It In The Bag
-The first single off of the album...This should be every rich persons theme song hahahaha...So when i hit the lotto & go shoppin this the song go'n be playin in my head hahaha...Na real talk though desent song i think its a hit record...You really cant go wrong wit the dream on a track,,i mean he is the (in the dreams voice) radio killa killa

7. When The Money Goes Remix Feat. Jay-Z
-This was originally supposed ta be on Jay-Z's last album American Gangsta but it didnt make it on there so jay gave this joint ta Fab & let him drop his own verses on it & left the chorus...If I was Fab i would of dropped 2 verses & let jay get one but ahh well nice track...Jay couldnt of got more truer on the chorus either "When the money goes will the honies stay/when the grey skys replace the sunny day'''

8. Salute Feat. Lil Wayne
-One of the best songs on the album if i dont say so myself...I would of only let wayne get on the chorus i wouldnt of gave him a verse seein as Fab killed him on both verses,,lines in the first verse like "You know anythings in a Niggas reach/My doggs will bite u & guess whose the Nigga leash/I was once told by my Nigga meech/You feed a sucka then he grow ta be a bigger leach/'''
& in the seconds verse he says lines like "Leaders go'n be followin crowds gerneral like calum pow(---????)/War ta me is a card game beef is just a stylin cow/Ima make the calls so dont make me get ta dialin out/Nick got that cannon yea that Nigga be wild'n'out/They aint ballin these Niggas is foulin out/They aint throwin jabs these Niggas is foulin out/''' STEP IT UP WAYNE!!!!! STEP IT UP OR SIT THE FUCK DOWN!!!!!!! WE TIRED OF YA ASS!!!!!!!

9. There He Go Feat. Paul Cain, Red Cafe, & Freck Billionaire
-The worst song on the album dont even wanna talk about it...Red Cafe garbage...

10. The Fabolous Life Feat. Ryan Leslie
-Smooth chill joint from Fab & Ryan...Who dont wanna life the fabolous life??? Just listen ta the song & thats a fabolous life

11. Makin Love Feat. Ne-Yo
-My third favorite song on the album...A smooth song ta the ladies (wat fab does best) this gotta be my second favorite song on the album...Cuz you really cant go wrong wit Ne-Yo on a track & Fabolous never disappoints...I hope they album they supposed ta have together comes out...

12. Last Time Feat. Trey Songz
-My second favorite song on the album...At first i thought this was a love song...But listen ta the whole song & you'll get wat happens

13. Pachanga
-"A thug changes then love changes & best friends become strangas pachangas''' true story right here...Wit quotables like "See every friendship has its differences/But these young bucks remind me of fif & his''' the truest joint on the album & ever from fab...Anybody who ever lost a friend can relate ta this

14. Lullaby
-A street song from fab...this gotta be one of the best songs on this album he just showin off his lyrics like he can do...Fab is one of the sickest ta ever touch a mic

15. Stay Feat. Marsha Ambrosius
-This song is about bein a father...Every man need ta listen ta this song...Every man who got/had kids should feel this song...And every father who left they kids should feel bad when they hear they song

16. I Miss My Love
-The song about the day fab got shot,,you gotta listen to it ta get the song...Its a nice from the heart song...

-Overall Loso's Way is a good album...At this point in time i dunno if i can call it a classic,,or if i can say it was better then his last album From Nothin' To Somethin',,cuz i played that album everyday...But in the long run we'll see if its a classic...Soooo go buy Loso's Way July 28th...I already got it i would give yall the download link for it but thats illigal hahahahahaha

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