Thursday, July 16, 2009

FAV 5!!!!!!!!!

-Ignore tags all over the picture hahaha-

Well folks here is my favorite 5 people in the world...When my fam aint there heres the people i can run to...I know that they'll be there when i need em to...These the 5 people that helped me last night let me break it down fa yall...

5. Damien-My duude damien,,been my duude since he moved here,,gone be my duude till the world ends...He concerned about me & the consequences i gotta face...Well just know it aint ya fault mayne...

4. Patrece-My big sister,,I know she go'n be there period,,no matter wat...If i was on my death bed i know she be the first one there...She gone always be there fa me & i know it mayne...Love u trece!!!!!!

3. Manda-My favoritest person ever!!!(gotta bracelet ta prove it hahaha)...She told me if i ever need somebody ta talk to just call her & she'll be there...We aint really known each other that long but she still mean a hella lot ta me yo...Like words dont even express it...LOVE U MANDA!!!!!!!!!

2. Valerie-hahahaha...I bet yall lookin like "Valerie?!? Wat the hell??? U serious?!?''' Well Valerie is like the type of person i can talk to if i need to...So all the bad things i ever said about her (& i have said alot of bad thing haha) I wanna say sorry ta u for it hahaha (See she would of been #4,,but since my hate fa her turned ta love so quick she found herself at #2 haha)

1. Antuane-Tron,,Tuane-B,,AnTron,,AnTron 3000,,My best friend,,My duute,,My brother...This my duute I love this guy,,call me gay if u want im comfortable enough wit my sexuality ta say that i love this man...All the fights we ever had about Music,,Rappers,,The way we dress,,basketball,,Who liked wat female first,,it dont matter...This my duute till the end of time...

-Well there yall have it that my fav 5 right there...My favorite five people...So till my next post later today...Im beezin-

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